Sonnet of Flames

This is a story

Episode 1 - The Journey Begins

The episode begins in the city of Lochore, the birthplace of the magi-steam engine and a gleaming spire of progress and potential, if you can afford it. The city's tram system runs up and down, connecting the Plate and the Rend, and this is where we meet two of our adventurers. Magdalyn “Maggot” Nash is a short, nervous, half elf who looks like she needs to take a freaking nap. She mans the till at the tram station coffee shop, The Grind (their greeting “Welcome to The Grind, we never stop!” ) during the usual lunch rush. Her companion of a few weeks now, Sage, a tall, gangly, feyling, comes to her with a job offer - a delivery to a nearby town.

After a bit of persuasion Maggot agrees to help Sage on the job, and the two head into the Rend to the Silverdawn Guild. The Rend is where most of the inhabitants of Lochore live, the old part of the city that literally holds up the Plate with its massive steel beams and stacked houses. Most folks there can’t afford the cleaner magi-steam tech, so every surface is covered in a thin layer of soot.
After arriving at the Guild, the two are paired off with two other travellers - a fancy young elven man called Thelonius Janus Mikhail Alcorta Drakos.
Or Theo to his friends.
The other is a scrappy, red-headed half elf who goes by Zaphyr or Zap. He seems to have his head on his shoulders and keeps Theo, who apparently has ever seen a copper piece before, out of trouble. The four are tasked to deliver a statue to the small village of Easthollow, four days south of Lochore, and are given the cargo and a loan of a donkey named Wendy (very important!).

After setting off the four spend some time getting to know each other. Maggot, who was born and raised in Lochore, hasn't had a chance to travel much, and asks the others what the rest of the world outside of the country of Hymore is like.
The conversation gets quickly derailed, as Sage dodges the question, Theo tells the group he left home for family reasons, and Zap and Maggot get wrapped up in talking about schools. Zap has never been to school.

After camping for the night (Sage chilling in a hammock, while the rest struggled like three dads trying to set up a pop up tent and half the pieces are missing), the group make it close to Easthollow - but not before encountering some Goblins on the road!
Easthollow - but not before encountering some Goblins on the road! A fight breaks out, with Maggot revealing the strange luggage she had been hauling around with her from Lochore is in fact a strange weapon! A two meter long blade made of stone with a jagged line down the middle, splits open to reveal the flesh and pointed teeth of a giant creature’s maw! It bites down on one of the Goblins before a large reptilian eye near the hilt opens up, and a voice cries out from the sword, demanding more blood!

No one really likes this turn of events, but the battle continues to go south when a Bugbear riding a Worg rushes in and manages to steal their cargo! The gang think of giving chase, but lose sight of the Bugbear and decide to wait, choosing to track it down after noticing the large prints the Worg had left through the underbrush.
The episode ends with the four having survived their first fight on the dangerous roads, and now in more trouble than they bargained for. What will happen next, as they travel through the woods in search of Goblins, and track down their statue?
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" Thank you so much for to playing my game " ∼ DM