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Sonnet of Flames is a D&D campaign I run for a group of my friends. I'm recapping our story so far here along with character bios and location details we all share on our own personal wiki. It's a story I've grown to be very fond of, and hopefully you can enjoy it too!


18/02/2023 We've got a LORE page now! And four new articles up there right from the get go. The layout for the Locations page has been updated to match with the Lore page, so now you can bounce between articles easily!

16/02/2023 Whaaa!! New Front Page layout! New Front Page art! And a hit counter! And a chatbox! Lets goooooo!!!

15/02/2023 Ey, have you heard? Episode 4 is out now! Also, an update to the general site layout!

12/02/2023 New layout for the Characters page! Now each of the little guys have a fancy button at the top with their art that links to their part of the page :) The About page has also been updated with new art and a link for this site! As well as the starts of a collection of buttons for other cool sites here on neocities! yahoo! \(≧▽≦)/

09/02/2023 The front page has been updated a lot! Now we've got little pixel gifs of the whole gang, a button to the latest episode, and buttons! Now there's also a Locations page, which I'll update as the story unfolds. All of episode 3 is also out now!

02/02/2023 Episode 3 Part 1 - The Kids are Alright, is out! I split this episode up because it's really freaking long \( ̄▽ ̄)/

17/01/2023 Wow, the website is born! I set up the front page, characters, about, and episode 1&2 pages, though characters and about are still a work in progress. the site is now functional!